Sports leagues target YouTube

YouTube has pulled down video at the request of America’s National Basketball Association that the league considers a violation of its copyright.

The NBA has raised concerns of copyright infringement with the internet video image exchange site owned by Google and received satisfaction.

“We have submitted requests to YouTube to pull down images that are a violation of our copyright and they have,” said NBA spokesman.

“In terms of the future, we’re obviously aware of this situation and we’re looking to explore our options to determine what the proper course of action would be. That does include other content providers.”

The NBA has a major interest in protecting its images. has featured nearly 150 million video streams and 3.1 million hours of video viewed, with more than half of people entering the site coming from outside the United States.

Football leagues threaten legal action

The English Premier League and German Bundesliga are also unhappy the use of exclusive video on the YouTube site.

Premier League spokesman Dan Johnson says a letter was sent last week asking Google to take down any material that infringed their property rights and the rights of their holders.

And the German football league (DFL) is considering taking legal action against the company for the unauthorised use of images from the Bundesliga.

In Germany the rights to the Bundesliga are controlled by the DFL who said they were taking any illegal use of images very seriously.

“We sell our rights, which include internet rights, to our partners very expensively. These rights are being flouted by YouTube.”

Similar legal action is not being considered as an option at the moment in England, according to Johnson.

“Usually the problem is solved with the letter,” he said. “The impact it has is not that significant. It is not affecting our ability to sell our rights. We have to defend our rights otherwise others will come and say why can’t we use them.”